Websites You Need To Bookmark Today

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Websites You Need To Bookmark Today

I listed the internet as the number one tool that every Mom should use. I didn’t mean that you should be chilling out on random websites or Facebook all day…but if you do remember to bookmark The Decent Mom.

You need websites written by like-minded, smart and funny women! These ladies know the tricks and tips that I use every day and you should too. Check out these 7 websites you need to bookmark today!

Montana Money Adventures

bookmarkMrs. Mt. is all about smart finances while adventuring and helping others. What’s not to like? In addition to posting articles that are extremely well written and helpful, she manages to respond to most, if not all, comments. She loves being part of the blogging community and helping others grow. One of my favorite articles is “Taking a Year Off Work“. It is very inspirational. Show her some love by visiting her site and saying hello from The Decent Mom.

Centsibly Rich

bookmarkWho couldn’t use as much help managing family finances as possible? There’s always more to learn and ways to improve your finances. Amanda is a stay at home Mom who manages her family’s finances, like most of us. She has learned how to save money while still living well. She wrote a great article titled “My Side Hustles:  How I’ve Made Money as a Stay At Home Mom” where she gives great advice that you can do today! Centsibly Rich can help you with your financial goals without making you feel like you eat nothing but ramen noodles.

A Virtuous Woman

bookmarkMelissa created A Virtuous Woman to help women “find freedom from perfection and the confidence to live your life with purpose”. Ah, that is refreshing to me! So many bloggers seem to strive for perfection, or at least make their lives seem that way. Melissa’s articles read like letters to a friend, and aren’t preachy, pushy or selling anything. I love her post “Homemaking Matters” because she speaks to all women, not just those who stay home during the day. Her page also offers tons of freebies, so make sure to check it out!

San Antonio Moms Blogs

bookmarkThis one is a bit different from the rest of my recommendations because it is not a single blog!  It’s a bit of a cheat to list this site, but it’s my list so my rules apply. San Antonio Mom Blogs list a directory of local blogs, which is great for networking. If you are in South Texas check it out for the “50+ things to do during Spring Break in San Antonio” and if you aren’t local check out the directory for some great blogs!

A Thrifty Mom

bookmarkIf you love crafts, do-it-yourself projects and saving money this is your page! Sarah runs the page with her husband, Matt. Somehow they manage the page, a dairy farm and 5 kids! She shares personal stories and tons coupons and deals that can save you money. Just in time for Easter she even has tips for how to do Swirled Easter Eggs. Check it out to see if you can save any money or learn a new trick!

Diary Of An Ex-Foodie

bookmarkI can relate to Neven, the author of Diary of an Ex-Foodie. She writes insightful and heart-felt stories about her life. Specifically, the journey from being a foodie to eating a simple diet and getting in shape. She has a huge page of healthy recipes, all sorted by the type of dish you’d like to create. You’ll also like her travel page, where she shares her tips for traveling with kids and still getting your fitness in. She’ll respond to comments, so make sure you say hi!

Good Enuf Mommy

bookmarkLast but certainly not least, you knew I’d love this blog as soon as I read its name. Good Enuf Mommy! Yes, kindred souls! Her name is even Tiffany…weird, right? She writes about parenting, marriage, education and gives product and blog tips. I especially enjoyed “A Letter To My Husband About The First Year Of Parenting”. Mississippi Man and I are passed our first year but it still rings true. Marriage is hard work that’s well worth your efforts.

Which sites do you bookmark?

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