Writing The Decent Mom: What I Share with Sarah Ban Breathnach

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Writing The Decent Mom: What I Share with Sarah Ban Breathnach

Writing another article for The Decent Mom has been on my mind for weeks now. Inspiration finally struck me as I listened to Oprah interview Sarah Ban Breathnach. The interview is great. Love or hate Oprah, her interviewing skills are beyond reproach and her Super Soul Conversations never fail to impress.

Ban Breathnach’s genius book, Simple Abundance, spoke to me in ways I never imagined. It is the ONLY book I have ever gifted to a friend, and I honestly can’t wait for the opportunity to gift it to someone else. She sold over 7 million copies of her book worldwide. The opportunity to hear one of my favorite authors speak candidly about her life and writing experiences was one I couldn’t afford to miss.writing

During the interview, Sarah Ban Breathnach, a writer whose works I aspire to emulate, said something that touched me deeply and made me think about The Decent Mom. She said that she wasn’t writing to create a best seller or to inspire and help other women. Ban Breathnach was writing to help herself. She wanted to improve her own life and grow.

Helping My Readers


If words are powerful, then truth is a full-frontal. You can’t look away, and it causes emotional (or even physical!) reactions. I thought about my most candid articles for The Decent Mom and realized that they are the articles that keep readers coming back. Those are the articles that cause people to e-mail me and let me know how they’ve been through something similar. Writing those articles help people, and I’m so beyond happy about that.

Writing to Heal


More importantly (and perhaps selfishly), those veritable and raw articles really help me heal. They help me analyze situations clearly and logically. Writing with honesty has been better than any therapist I’ve seen…and I’ve seen a few great psychiatrists.

So, dear reader, I sincerely hope that my writing helps and inspires you. I hope you like it and share it with your friends, I do. If you don’t however, that’s okay. I can promise you that I ‘m not going to fill The Decent Mom with fluff crap pieces. I’m taking some inspiration from one of my favorite authors, Sarah Ban Breathnach. The Decent Mom articles will be honest, raw and authentic…just like me.




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