Over and Over Again: The Decent Mom Returns!

It's Great To Be Decent

Over and Over Again: The Decent Mom Returns!

I’ve been missing The Decent Mom, have you? If you’ve been wondering where I fell off too…life happened, as it always does. Things got intensely busy in the fall when I started taking college classes. Then my sister-in-law passed away suddenly, which led to our adopting our beautiful niece. It’s just been insane! Things are luckily slowing down…or I’m learning how to juggle more.

I’m slowly ramping things up again for you, dear reader. As much as I hope you have missed me…I have honestly missed you. I missed writing for you and giving you a bit of reality on an overly shiny internet. You know the one…Facebook posts about white couches, family vacations, and smiles? When you read about that on this page you know I’m going to tell you how to do it for cheap…or how to dig yourself out of debt if you did it wrong (like I have).

Thanks for sticking with me!

Life is hard. Like slamming your face into the concrete when you fall off your bike hard. It hurts like hell sometimes, and that’s okay. You get stronger. Tougher. More resilient. And when your face does hit that pavement (and it will…repeatedly), you won’t be alone. There is an entire community of people who will support you and let you know that we’ve been there.

While I’m here, I’d like to thank not only the fellow decent moms who read this post but the ladies without kids or the MEN! That’s right, I’ve got quite a few men who read my posts. Maybe you are supporting the decent mom in your own life, or maybe you are filling the role of both decent parents! Maybe it’s just that you like my posts about saving money or losing weight. No matter why you are here…thank you!