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It's Great To Be Decent

Relationship Killer: 6 Deadly Sins of a Military Spouse

Married to or thinking of a future with a military member? 6 deadly sins for military spouses can be a real relationship killer! Go into your relationship knowing where some traps lay to avoid them. Relationship Killer #1: Adultery Let’s be brutally honest here: adultery is almost part of the military culture and an absolute…
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Focus On What’s Important

It’s been a while since I’ve given real attention and focus to this blog. Life has happened to me, and I know that you totally get that. Like one of my absolute favorite bloggers says, we are all juggling invisible balls. To be honest, this blog is a ball that I’ve willingly not only dropped but kicked…
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Improvement Is The Key To Everything No Matter How Small: Start Today

When you have kids your focus seems to pinpoint. Things that you never paid much attention to seem insanely important. When it’s an infant you quickly learn that your home is full of danger and needs improvement. Toddlers make the rest of the world seem like a minefield, and every day that your child survives…
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one year

Bariatric Surgery: One Year After My Gastric Bypass

It’s been quite a while since I posted regarding my weight loss surgery, so I thought you’d like a one year update. In case you missed it or are new to my page, you can read about my 15-year journey to health. I’ve written quite a few articles regarding this subject, including whether weight loss surgery…
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Over and Over Again: The Decent Mom Returns!

I’ve been missing The Decent Mom, have you? If you’ve been wondering where I fell off too…life happened, as it always does. Things got intensely busy in the fall when I started taking college classes. Then my sister-in-law passed away suddenly, which led to our adopting our beautiful niece. It’s just been insane! Things are…
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Cash Earned Quickly Today: Here’s How

Whether you need some extra cash for school supplies, clothing, a small vacation or to pay bills…we could all use some extra cash from time to time. For the stay at home mom or working mom, this is tough! All moms work long hours and make sacrifices for their family. For the sake of this…
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Allergy Season: Keep Your Family Comfortable!

Everyone loves spring, and my family is no exception. There’s only one drawback: spring time in southern Texas (and your area too) is notorious for allergies. The beautiful blooming flowers and green trees make pollen, and rains bring mold growth. Don’t worry though, I’ll share how to enjoy this blissful weather with allergy relief! Limit…
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Spring Cleaning Is Easiest Without The Checklist

It’s officially spring! For many of us that means noticing the dirty windows as the sun finally emerges! I used to brush off spring cleaning, because I just do things as I notice they need doing. I have noticed however, that some chores really do need to be done in the spring. This is especially…
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Calm Kids – De-escalate An Upset Child Quickly

One thing you learn quickly as a parent is how quickly emotions can escalate. Whether it’s a crying baby or a toddler who throws tantrums hourly, emotions run high. When your child is upset and you need to get them to do something, it’s won’t happen if they are at DEF-CON 1. De-escalate the situation and…
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Twitter Isn’t The Answer I Am Looking For

If I wanted to write for the sole purpose of venting, I would write in a journal.  The reason I’ve been putting pieces of my heart online however, is with the hope of helping others. Social media is key in reaching the demographic I am aiming to help, and it seems that Twitter is king…
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