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It's Great To Be Decent

Allergy Season: Keep Your Family Comfortable!

Everyone loves spring, and my family is no exception. There’s only one drawback: spring time in southern Texas (and your area too) is notorious for allergies. The beautiful blooming flowers and green trees make pollen, and rains bring mold growth. Don’t worry though, I’ll share how to enjoy this blissful weather with allergy relief! Limit…
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Mom’s On Prozac and Goes To Therapy

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, bipolar, OCD or a plethora of other disorders…we just keep things quiet and swept under the rug.  The conversation about mental health has started to happen but normal people, like you and I, need to be honest and open about our own issues.  There’s no shame in admitting that…
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Decent Mom’s 15 Year Journey to Health

The first time I can remember weight loss being on my radar was my senior year of high school.  I had known that I wanted to join the military for years, and my Army veteran Dad told me that he’d only allow me to join the Air Force.  The next day, I visited the brutally…
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Get Out of Your Rut Today!

It started on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it was your birthday, an anniversary, or just a random Tuesday. No matter when it happened, you got MOTIVATION and got out of your rut!!! You did amazing things with that motivation, didn’t you? Cleaned the house more, stayed on top of household chores, work tasks, your fitness…
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Flu Prep Your Family Today!

In Texas, Hunt ISD closed an entire school due to the flu.  According to the Superintendent, Dr. Dockery, over 1/3 of the school was diagnosed with the flu and 5 staff members were also diagnosed. Flu prep needs to start today! Whether or not you decide to vaccinate your family, there are things you can…
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