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It's Great To Be Decent

5 Reasons Your Litter Box STILL Stinks

Okay, so it’s not YOUR litter box… You aren’t going to the bathroom there and flinging little bits of litter nearby (we hope). As much as you love your cat or cats…the litter box is one of the biggest complaints that come along with the territory. There’s actually quite a bit that goes into making…
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Another Pet In Your Family Home

You’re thinking of adding another pet to the family?  What an exciting time!  Whether this is your first pet or you are adding an addition to your family zoo, there are many things to consider! Don’t worry, The Decent Mom is here to help you figure it all out and make the best choice for your family’s…
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Survive the Loss of a Pet

Losing a pet, who is more like a family member, is devastating. You can survive the loss of a pet. Grief takes time and is a lot of hard work. In 2007 I lost my daughter, Lahna, to a chromosome disorder. It was understandably the worst thing I had ever gone through and ripped my…
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