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It's Great To Be Decent

Allergy Season: Keep Your Family Comfortable!

Everyone loves spring, and my family is no exception. There’s only one drawback: spring time in southern Texas (and your area too) is notorious for allergies. The beautiful blooming flowers and green trees make pollen, and rains bring mold growth. Don’t worry though, I’ll share how to enjoy this blissful weather with allergy relief! Limit…
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Spring Cleaning Is Easiest Without The Checklist

It’s officially spring! For many of us that means noticing the dirty windows as the sun finally emerges! I used to brush off spring cleaning, because I just do things as I notice they need doing. I have noticed however, that some chores really do need to be done in the spring. This is especially…
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Response: 5 Things Experienced Moms Do when Visiting New Moms

Today Melissa Fenton posted an article¬†to Scary Mommy, which honestly made my head spin! As an experienced Mom myself, I thought I would respond with a post of my own. Melissa’s article is “5 Things Experienced Moms Do When Visiting New Moms“. Food Melissa says “assume after nine months of eating clean and healthy, she’s…
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5 Reasons Your Litter Box STILL Stinks

Okay, so it’s not YOUR litter box… You aren’t going to the bathroom there and flinging little bits of litter nearby (we hope). As much as you love your cat or cats…the litter box is one of the biggest complaints that come along with the territory. There’s actually quite a bit that goes into making…
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Websites You Need To Bookmark Today

I listed the internet as the number one tool that every Mom should use. I didn’t mean that you should be chilling out on random websites or Facebook all day…but if you do remember to bookmark¬†The Decent Mom. You need websites written by like-minded, smart and funny women! These ladies know the tricks and tips…
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Enjoy Cleaning The House: 6 Easy Tips

Don’t get it twisted…I don’t love cleaning the house either. There are a million other things I’d rather do, but it has to get done. My family deserves a clean and organized home and I am proud to give it to them. I’ve discovered a few easy ways to actually enjoy cleaning the house. Let’s…
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Get Out of Your Rut Today!

It started on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it was your birthday, an anniversary, or just a random Tuesday. No matter when it happened, you got MOTIVATION and got out of your rut!!! You did amazing things with that motivation, didn’t you? Cleaned the house more, stayed on top of household chores, work tasks, your fitness…
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5 Tools Every Mom Should Use

It’s 2017 and things can be busy and hectic for Mamas. Luckily, there are more tools than ever to help you get work done quickly. How do you choose the best possible tool for the job? I’ll give you 5 tools every Mom should use in her arsenal.