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It's Great To Be Decent

For You: Dear Struggling Teenager…I see you.

Dear Teenager, I get it.  Those jerks at school just keep on pushing and don’t know when to back off. I don’t know why they target you, because you really are a good kid. Your parents aren’t who you need them to be either. Either they are crazy strict and don’t let you breathe…or they are…
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When My Sweet Baby Died: The Hard Grief Aftermath

Ten years ago this summer, my daughter Lahna died due to complications from Trisomy 18. This article describes the immediate grief aftermath of her death. Mississippi Man and I grew stronger as individuals and as a couple, but it hasn’t been easy. The day after Lahna died, I woke up with a few seconds of peace.…
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Lahna, and Trisomy 18: When My Baby Died

I had the perfect first pregnancy. All the tests during the pregnancy came back normal and I was so thrilled to become a Mommy after so many years of wishing for a baby. When Lahna came into the world she weighed 3 lbs 4 oz and was very sick. She was rushed to the NICU…
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Response: 5 Things Experienced Moms Do when Visiting New Moms

Today Melissa Fenton posted an article to Scary Mommy, which honestly made my head spin! As an experienced Mom myself, I thought I would respond with a post of my own. Melissa’s article is “5 Things Experienced Moms Do When Visiting New Moms“. Food Melissa says “assume after nine months of eating clean and healthy, she’s…
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