Summer Time Blues: The Struggles of Vacation Time

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Summer Time Blues: The Struggles of Vacation Time

Summer Time Blues

It’s mid July, and it’s already been a long summer. Since this is the first year we’ve put the kids in public school, it’s also our first “summer vacation” and my first time with the summer time blues. I never knew how busy and yet isolating this time of year can be. I write this with a weary heart.

Summer Time Blues

Struggling with summer time blues

I really do think it’s okay to struggle at times, and I know we all go through these times. That’s why I’m writing to you today. You might be struggling too. If you aren’t, that’s great. I’d be willing to be that one of your friends is however, and this article might help them.

Summer Time Blues

After school got out we had family come visit us, then we left town a few days later to visit other family in Colorado. It was fun, but nice to get back home afterwards. We were only home for about a week when Mississippi Man left town for several weeks, while we had friends in town visiting. If that wasn’t enough stress, part of our roof was leaking, which rotted the plywood under our shingles. I’d dealt with roofing estimates for a week. We have more family members visiting in a week, and I’m feeling a bit burnt out.

At the same time, I feel lost without the daily routine that the school schedule brings. I don’t want to be over scheduled and hate the idea of planning “something fun to do” for my kids every day. I would love for them to entertain themselves, and unfortunately the way they accomplish tat is with Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Whatever, I’ll take it…so long as they aren’t arguing or complaining I guess I’m cool with that.

The Struggle Sucks

Summer Time Blues

For those of you who don’t know me (or my articles) well at this point, I do struggle with anxiety and depression. I’m a huge introvert, so while constant family visits seems great…it just wears me down.

Family reading this, please take heart. I love you so much…I do. Our visits are special to me and I miss you when we are apart…but constantly talking or spending time with others drains me. It sounds cliché, but it isn’t you…it’s me.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s okay to struggle at times. It really does build strength and character. I am resilient. It takes a lot to knock me off my feet because of all the shit I’ve gone through. That’s not to say I don’t lose my balance…that’s where I am now. I’m struggling to get my head together, and when I do kick the summer time blues I’ll be even stronger than before.

Summer Time BluesThere are a few things that I’ve time-tested and that work for me to get things going again. I’ll gladly share those things with you as long as you remember a few important things. 1) I’m not a professional in any capacity. I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor or any other type of professional. What am I then? Just a woman with baggage. 2) These things might not work for you and that’s okay. Something else will. Don’t lose faith in your own strength.

With the disclaimers out of the way…Here are 3 things that work for me when I’m struggling.

Listen To Music That Moves You

Summer Time BluesThis morning I thought a little Keith Urban would work for me. I love his voice and a lot of his music makes me want to dance. When I clicked on Pandora however, Ed Sheeran was on and really got me going. I also love Hailee Steinfeld & Grey. Whatever it is that makes you genuinely feel good, do that. Van Halen, Toby Keith, Juan Gabriel, whoever. Just listen to music that speaks to your heart.

I wrote an entire article about this, because it really does work that well. Comment below and let me know which music you turn to when you’re feeling down and out. I’d love to add some variety to my arsenal.

Give Yourself Time To Feel

Summer Time Blues

I think our society teaches us to move past negative feelings as quickly as possible. When our kids cry (for whatever reason) we teach them to brush it off. It’s unpleasant to feel sad, angry, depressed, anxious, etc, and not only do we not like to feel that way but we sure don’t want our kids to feel that way. So we teach them to do as we try to do. Move on. Get past it. Shove those feelings in a corner, eat our sorrow, ignore it. Sometimes that’s appropriate, but sometimes we really need to take the time to feel those negative emotions.

Cry until you can’t cry anymore. Have a pajama day and don’t do your hair at all. Binge watch Supernatural for an entire morning (or day). I’m just saying…I’ve done all 3 of those things this morning and I’m already feeling better.

Call Someone Who Gets You

Don’t call someone who will brush off how you feel. Summer time blues are just as significant as any other type of emotion. Call that person who knows you intimately (note, intimately does not equal sexually here guys…come on now). That person probably comes to mind immediately, and if you have depression like I do…you’ll avoid calling them.

Summer Time BluesYou don’t want to inconvenience them or feel like you’re a needy baby for whining again. That person really knows you though, and they care about you! They aren’t going to think you’re whining…they know you really need some emotional support right now. They’ll be so happy you reached out to them, and even happier to help you!

If you’re not struggling but a friend is…show them that you care. Call them. Stop by and don’t care if they are in their pajamas, looking like a mess and binge watching Supernatural while their kids binge on Minecraft eating donuts. Just saying.

Summer will be over soon, and your summer time blues will probably end even sooner. Keep plodding along, and maybe check out a few more of my articles. This article in particular has more ideas to pull yourself out of that rut you’re in. I always keep it real…and I hope you do too. If you’d like to connect, check me out on Facebook