Sisters Bond Beyond A Lifetime

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Sisters Bond Beyond A Lifetime

sistersSisters understand one another like no one else ever can. Mississippi Man and I have been married 14 years and he is, without a doubt, my best friend. There are limitations to what he is able to understand about my upbringing. My sister, Amanda, has been with me through the most formative periods of my life and has an incredibly deep understanding of who I am. We accept one another’s flaws and celebrate each other’s victories as our own.


The Awkward Years

Amanda and I don’t talk very often…every few weeks or even every few months isn’t unheard of. When we do talk it’s often done through Facebook, and Amanda has been teaching me how to text for a few years now. Someday I’ll get it right. Having a sister is the best and I got so lucky when she was born! She keeps me honest and on track when I need her. Come what may, it’ll always be my sister and I against the world.

Sisters Growing up

When we were teenagers and starting to really become individual from our parents, Amanda had a HUGE impact on who I would become. I cheated on my boyfriend at the time, and Amanda was furious with me. Not because it wasn’t working out with him, but because I cheated. It wasn’t who Amanda was and she wouldn’t accept that behavior from anyone in her life. I greatly admired that about her and still do. I never cheated again, and I know on a very deep level, that Amanda would never cheat either. All because of that small moment about 18 years ago.


Matching outfits and my sisters badass attitude

Amanda and I took different paths after high school. She needed to strike out on her own and discover who she was. Our relationship became strained at times. We never gave up on each other and our bond magnified. When I lost my daughter, Amanda  stood by me as I went into a very dark spiral. I hope that I have been there for her when she has needed me the most.

Sisters going forward

Someday we will lose our parents, but have each other. When I was active duty and she was in high school, we still had each other. Now that I’m a stay at home Mom and she works at Stemilt, we have each other. I hope our marriages continue to grow, but regardless, we always have each other.

I have close friends who have lost a sibling. It’s tragic and I can’t imagine how they feel. I like to think that Amanda and I would still connect on a spiritual plane. If nothing else we would always have the memories of our lives together to keep us going.


Amanda’s family on the left, mine on the right, with our amazing Dad in the center.

Now that my kids are 6 and 7 years old, Amanda’s are 8 months and 6 years old. Siblings fight. Eric and Holly tattle and argue, which drives Mississippi Man and I insane. I’m reminded of the time that Amanda and I fought, and she packed up her toys and told me she was running away. She must have been 5 years old. When she walked out of our bedroom I started bawling. I thought to myself “I’ve done it this time, she’ll never forgive me”. Lucky for me, she came right back in and we started playing. She had taught me a lesson…again. I hope that Eric and Holly are as unified and bonded as Amanda and I. I would never trade my sister for the world.




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