Simplify Your Mornings And Get To School On Time

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Simplify Your Mornings And Get To School On Time

You aren’t alone if mornings are hard for your family.  We started every single day with stress, chaos, and at least one of us yelling “WHERE ARE MY SHOES?!”. When the kids are late to school, everyone starts the day stressed, and you’re probably late for work as well. Breathe easy knowing you aren’t the only family in chaos, and that it can be remedied.

Simplify Your Mornings!

I can help you.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person, I no longer wake up with dread each day. Follow the easy steps outlined below and share it with your struggling Mom friends.mornings

Consider printing the infographic above, and putting it in your bathroom or another prominent space where you’ll see it each night. Visual reminders will help kids too, even if they can’t read. There are plenty of printables like this one, and you could always make your own as well. Concentrate on essential items that have to get done. Breakfast, getting on day time clothes and having shoes on their feet are the bare minimums.

Rewards might provide your child with incentives to getting ready quickly. Perhaps a sticker for each task done quickly, and after a certain number of stickers the child gets extra park time. Your child will love helping you brainstorm rewards.

Music can be a great motivator in the mornings. Blast your child’s favorite song, no matter how much it grates on your nerves. Keep things light and fun.

After a short period of time these behaviors will become routine and your mornings will be much easier.




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