Improve Your Self Esteem Today

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Improve Your Self Esteem Today

Women always seem to have problems with their self esteem and confidence, don’t we?  I don’t know if it’s social pressures or the devil we know as Photoshop, but it’s real. Experts have said  that “Mom has ‘the’ biggest impact on girls’ body image“, but we’ve known that, right ladies? I don’t know of a woman who hasn’t struggled with her self esteem since at least Jr. High School. We need to make an honest effort of improving our physical and mental health.  It’s only then that we can model confidence and pride to our children and friends.

Daughters are especially aware of our self esteem. They look to us in order to see how they should be (or in sad cases, not be). You can help build your daughters confidence as you grow your own by making small but sustainable choices. Dr. Michele Borba gives great tips on her page as well, and it’s worth your time to check it out. After all, I’m not a professional…I’m just The Decent Mom.

Also remember that your daughter needs other women role models in her life. You don’t have to put the weight of your daughter’s self esteem on your shoulders alone. Your friends, sisters, as well as your own mother will have an impact on how your daughter sees herself. Choose which conversations she overhears carefully (as always).Improve Self Esteem

If these steps don’t work for you at all and you think that you might have depression, please see your doctor.  There are many ways to help ease the symptoms of depression to get you feeling more like yourself.

I also add periodic tips to The Decent Mom’s Facebook Page.  Please check it out and share your tips with everyone as well.  It doesn’t get any better than Moms encouraging and helping one another.

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