Finding Joy Again

I’ve been very public about my struggles, trials and tribulations on The Decent Mom. I believe in being public about these things not to give or get advice, and certainly not to get pity. I despise pity more than just about anything. I air my dirty laundry so that you, my dear reader, might be more accepting of yourself and your struggles. We all struggle, despite Instagram and Facebook posts.

I’ve been public about my constant inner war with depression and anxiety. I had my first big anxiety attack when I was 15 years old. It never left me but I learned how to deal with the anxiety better with time.

When my daughter, Lahna died it was a whole new level of depression, anxiety and of course grief. A lot of my readers are here because of my grief posts. I imagine quite a few of those readers are grieving also, and for their pain I am incredibly sorry. I am grateful however that we are able to come together with love and support for one another. I genuinely hope that a few of my words have brought you peace, encouragement or hope for the future.

I’ve also shared about my battle with obesity. I had bariatric surgery which has helped so much with the health issues I was experiencing, but regain is possible. I’m a little over 2 years post-op and still find myself gravitating towards food and unhealthy behaviors. It’s a constant mental tug of war although I know that food will NOT bring me (or you) happiness or joy.

With all these struggles I want to share something with you that has brought me a lot of joy lately. Pyrography. It sounds dirty, but I promise, it’s not. Pyrography is writing with fire, but most people simply call it wood burning. I’ve been able to channel depression, anxiety and grief into my designs. By it’s nature wood burning demands your full attention, otherwise you could be seriously hurt! It’s also easy to make mistakes that are difficult to undo if you aren’t very intentional.

You can check out some of my designs at if you’re interested. I’m keeping it seperate from The Decent Mom because this page is much more intimate, and Hestian Design will be purely about my work. If you are interested in talking about wood burning or would like to follow my work closely I am also on Facebook here. I’d love to connect with you and talk about things. I have a few other people who do pyrography on the page and we all help one another.

I encourage you to find something you enjoy and takes your full attention. Even a few minutes a day could really make a huge difference in your mental well being. Whether or not it’s pyrography doesn’t matter at all. It could be reading, fishing, coloring, painting or gaming. Just find something that brings you genuine joy for a moment.