Dear Genevieve Cortese,

It's Great To Be Decent

Dear Genevieve Cortese,

I’m a huge supporter of both you and your husband, Jared (Padalecki), and feel like we have a few really substantial things in common.

What Could I have in common with genevieve?


My husband constantly goes out of town for work. While my husband serves in the Air Force, yours goes out of country and works long hours. Different missions…but the impact on the family is very similar. Although sometimes my kids end up in my bed, I try to get them to sleep in their own beds. As I try to sleep in an empty bed, I couldn’t help but think that you know what this is like. Everyone gets lonely.

I stay home and my primary job is to raise our children while he works. Being the spouse to stay behind is hard. My husband (like yours, I’m sure) is a great man. I know my husband’s heart, and it’s not a cheating heart. That doesn’t change the fact that I get lonely, and sometimes I feel insecure. You are far more beautiful than I am, but every woman I know has insecurities.


All mothers have doubts not only about their body image, but doubts about their parenting abilities, cooking, handy(wo)man skills or other areas. Additional work and stress from our husbands being gone can be overwhelming. Maybe due to finances you have additional help, but the tasks getting done still falls on your shoulders, and it’s a heavy weight.

Not all women understand how hard it is when the he’s constantly gone for work. Even though I’m sure you have a huge circle of friends, how many really understand this struggle? How many people do you feel comfortable telling all of these thoughts and insecurities?

Thanks Genevieve


Since I (hopefully) have your attention, I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you. I have dealt with depression and anxiety since I was about 15 years old. I sincerely appreciate the work that you and your husband do to de-stigmatize mental health issues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being open and honest about the struggles you guys face, while helping others. While my audience is infinitely smaller than yours, I also try to speak out and help others as much as I can.

I want you to know that here in South Texas you have another mom who probably relates to you a lot better than either of us would have imagined. And if you ever want to hang out or vent with someone you can trust and gets it…I promise I won’t geek out too much.


Your Friend,

Tiffany The Decent Mom

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