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It's Great To Be Decent

Dear Genevieve Cortese,

I’m a huge supporter of both you and your husband, Jared (Padalecki), and feel like we have a few really substantial things in common. What Could I have in common with genevieve? My husband constantly goes out of town for work. While my husband serves in the Air Force, yours goes out of country and…
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Response: 5 Things Experienced Moms Do when Visiting New Moms

Today Melissa Fenton posted an article to Scary Mommy, which honestly made my head spin! As an experienced Mom myself, I thought I would respond with a post of my own. Melissa’s article is “5 Things Experienced Moms Do When Visiting New Moms“. Food Melissa says “assume after nine months of eating clean and healthy, she’s…
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5 Friends Who Changed My World View

I have 5 friends who completely shifted my reality. We all have friends who change our world views. They open our eyes and our hearts and make us better people. I wanted to share how 5  of my friends didn’t start out that way. I’m a better friend, mother and human being for knowing them.…
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The Inevitable Mom Friends

If she’s not in your life now either she has been before or she will be. Your Inevitable Friend. She’s the one you honestly don’t like and wouldn’t want to talk to. But your kids are in class together and have chosen to be best friends. Or she sits next to you in the office…
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Your Mom Soul Mate

Meeting new friends is a lot like dating. You are spending time and energy looking for that one special friend…your Mom Soul Mate. Someone you can share your life with and raise your kids together to be one big family. When I left the military to be a stay at home Mom I thought “Ah,…
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