Allergy Season: Keep Your Family Comfortable!

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Allergy Season: Keep Your Family Comfortable!

Everyone loves spring, and my family is no exception. There’s only one drawback: spring time in southern Texas (and your area too) is notorious for allergies. The beautiful blooming flowers and green trees make pollen, and rains bring mold growth. Don’t worry though, I’ll share how to enjoy this blissful weather with allergy relief!

Limit your time outside

I always seem to start these posts with a sacrifice, don’t I? Of course you want to get outdoors, and who can blame you? I’m not suggesting you spend the spring like you did the winter, cooped up inside. Keep an eye out on the allergy index for your area. Knowledge is still power. If the counts are high, sorry…but you should stay indoors. After a heavy rain weighs down some of that pollen, head outside.

If you do need to go outside for a prolonged period of time, or if you are doing yard clean up, wear a mask and sunglasses. There are masks that are reusable with fun designs, as well as disposable masks. For the runner or cyclist in your life, these would make great gifts. The important thing is that you have a barrier between the allergens and your body!

Keep Things Clean

Make sure that when you come inside, shoes are taken off at the door. You track in more pollen than you’d like to think! Keep the floors clean with a good vacuum and mopping as well. I really like using my Hoover Floor Cleaner, because instead of pushing around dirty water or questioning how much is sticking to the mop, I see the dirty water immediately. I also like that it dries my floors and I don’t need to yell at the kids or dogs to stay out of the room!

If you’ve spent significant time outdoors, change your clothes and shower when you come inside. Any pollen that is in your clothing or hair will be washed away and won’t be able to irritate you anymore!

Keep Fido (or Cujo) Allergy Free

AllergyAs much pollen as we are exposed to, think about our family pets! They are closer to the ground and their bare paws walk in it all day. Pets can suffer from pollen allergies just as much (if not more) than humans do. Make sure when your dog comes inside that you wash his or her paws. Giving your dog a regular brushing and bath will also remove pollen from their coats.

If your dog is licking or chewing on their paws, losing hair or has runny eyes, consider allergies as a culprit. Contact your local vet for the best advice, and be leery of “tips” read online or giving your animals human medication.

Medicate If Needed

AllergyIf you’ve done all you can and you are still suffering, take some medication. I’ve spoken at length with several pharmacists and they all state “it depends on the person” when choosing which allergy medication will work best. Benadryl was the first of his kind and has been road tested more than any other, but it tends to have more side effects like drowsiness. Some people react better to Claritin, while others may prefer Zyrtec or another medication.

Talk to your pharmacist or family doctor if you don’t want to randomly pick. Once you tell them  your specific problems, they’ll be able to guide you. Remember to follow directions carefully and make sure you don’t take any medication that would cause interactions.

Summer Is Around The Corner

I know how miserable these spring allergies can be. Both of my arms broke out in an allergy induced rash this year that’s driving me insane. Just remember that summer is around the corner, and then we can complain about the heat!Allergy