It's Great To Be Decent

My name is Tiffany Gordon: I’m The Decent Mom.

The Decent MomI’m here to serve and support you: the parent in the trenches, trying your best but falling short of perfect in so many ways. I get it. You’re amazing, even if “Super Mom” doesn’t seem to fit you. Be proud of who you are AND where you are in life. That’s what I’m doing with The Decent Mom.

Originally from Washington state, I joined the Air Force in 2001 as a medic. I earned my Associate’s degree in Allied Health Science, and met amazing people along the way.

The Decent Mom

I married Daniel in 2002. We had a few years together before having our first child, Lahna. She passed away that same year due to complications from Trisomy 18. In 2009 we had a healthy and strong son, Eric, and I learned how to be a full-time Military Mama. It wasn’t easy! In 2011, we had a beautiful and smart daughter, Holly, and I left my military career to stay home while my husband still served active duty.

The Decent MomI home-school my biological kids using an eclectic method that is heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason. It was honestly the best thing I’d ever done, but I had nothing against the public, private or charter school system! It’s just what worked for OUR family. This past year Holly went to a local charter school while I continued to home-school Eric. It took some figuring out…but by the end of the school year we finally had a solid routine. This year both kids are going to be in the charter school! Big changes up ahead for all of us!

I have incredible respect for motherhood. There are many “Mom Blogs” out there, but I create a blog for those of us who aren’t perfect. For the Moms who are worried about taking the wrong step, not knowing it, and having long-term repercussions. You’re okay and doing well. Be who you are. We are in this together and we’ll get it all figured out. There is no “best” parenting style. My methodology has changed several times over the past few years. Each family needs to do whatever works for them. No matter who you are, you’ll find help and support here.

You will find me speaking to Moms on this blog, but I don’t mean to leave the stay-at-home Dads out there. Being a stay-at-home Dad is incredibly important, worthy, and feminist! Most of my writing tends to be about my own experiences of course, and I am a cis female. Please know where my heart lies, and that I don’t have hatred in my heart for anyone.

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