5 Reasons Your Litter Box STILL Stinks

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5 Reasons Your Litter Box STILL Stinks

Okay, so it’s not YOUR litter box… You aren’t going to the bathroom there and flinging little bits of litter nearby (we hope). As much as you love your cat or cats…the litter box is one of the biggest complaints that come along with the territory. There’s actually quite a bit that goes into making a nice restroom for cats. Done incorrectly it can cause bad smells, or the cats can outright refuse to use the box. Don’t worry…I am always here to help! Here are the top 5 reasons litter box smells despite your efforts.

Too Many Cats Per Box

Most veterinarians say that for each cat in the home you should have AT LEAST 2 boxes. It may seem excessive, but cats can be picky about their potty! Some cats don’t like to share their potty or might have issues holding it until they can get to the other box. Having enough litter boxes solves a lot of territory issues like spraying. The best bet is to know your cats and their behavior. Some cats might guard a particular box and prevent others from using it. Try to aim for 1 box per cat if you can. If you have 4 cats….well you can do the math. When space limits how many boxes you can accommodate you can also increase the size of your existing boxes. Make sure everyone has their space.

Wrong litter

5 Reasons Litter Box SmellsTry a few different litters and see what works best for your cat. I do not recommend scented products, as they can cause allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. Remember that cats have sensitive noses. I have found the most success with Dr. Elsey’s Clay Litter. If you have any questions about this product just check out their website here

Deep Clean

5 Reasons Litter Box SmellsEmpty the litter box completely at least once a week, then disinfect and dry it before adding fresh litter. This ensures all the bacteria has been eliminated and that the litter won’t absorb water instead of waste. It seems obvious…but you might be surprised how many people aren’t deep cleaning that box. As said above, cats have sensitive noses and a heightened sense of smell. Keep it smelling clean. Sarah at Athrifymom.com suggests lining the litter box with a heavy black garbage bag and replacing the entire litter box once a year.

Your Cat’s Diet

Your cat may be having difficulty digesting their food. Cats get upset stomachs and don’t always “agree” with their diets! Try to vary your cats diet slowly and see if another food is easier to digest. Always try to avoid food with too many preservatives or fillers. A good rule of thumb:  the better the food going in…the less waste comes out. At Pet-Happy they suggest avoiding dry food, grain and potato in your cat food. You can always do a little bit more research and google reviews of your cat’s food before you buy it. Websites like petfoodratings.org also do reviews, but remember to always think critically and make sure that pages aren’t paid for their endorsements.

Infrequent Cleaning

5 Reasons Litter Box SmellsClean boxes twice daily for cleanliness and minimal odor. If you feel like splurging you can always check out a self cleaning litter box, but most of us just do it by hand…err….scoop. Pregnant women can even keep the box clean with a litter box subscription. If done often, it only takes a few minutes and then you can get back to what you want to be doing… drinking coffee with your cat.




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