13 Feb 2017 Weekly Menu Plan

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13 Feb 2017 Weekly Menu Plan

Hi there Mama!  I thought I’d share this week’s menu plan for those of you like me and are a bit behind this week! We have a few weird days this week with Valentine’s Day and a big even for Mississippi Man’s group…which equates to a date night fo r us!  Remember that menu planning is just that…a plan!  Be flexible and know that plans change constantly.  Stick to it as much as you can to save time and money.  For more great ideas be sure to check out The Decent Mom on Pinterest!Menu Plan


Crock Pot Steak and Black Bean Chili
Recipe on Pinterest!


Mississippi Man Takes Care of Dinner For Valentine’s Day!


Lazy Chicken Parm
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Lemon Butter Chicken Thighs
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DATE NIGHT DINNER OUT (THESE ARE CRAZY RARE!)                                     Menu Plan


Grilled Ribs
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Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl
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