$1000 of Pretend Money To Spend on Yourself

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$1000 of Pretend Money To Spend on Yourself

Pretend money isn’t just be for kids. If I were to give you $1000 to spend on you (not your kids, bills, husband, or house)…what would you buy? That seems like an incredible amount of money and it is hard to imagine what I would do. I honestly can’t imagine spending $100 on myself…but let’s have some fun and pretend with the help of the internet, shall we?pretend

A Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

pretend moneyI’ve seen these bad boys in the store, and they are pretty! The salt is supposed to help purify the air, but honestly I just think they look peaceful. I’d buy a huge 11-12 inch lamp so it could purify a larger area of my home. That’d be about $119 on Amazon.com but they have much more affordable ones in the 9-10 inch range. This actually might happen next payday.

New Running Shoes

pretend moneyI don’t run. Since my weight loss journey is going so well, I’ve been thinking of taking up a jog/walk routine. The Nike Women’s Free Tr Flyknit Running Shoe looks really cute and gets great reviews. They have such a huge variety of colors that since I’m dealing with pretend money…I’d buy two colors just for fun.

A Video Doorbell

pretend moneyMaybe I just love their commercials…but the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells are seriously cool. I hate answering the door without knowing who it is. I love that you can check on what’s in front of your home even when you’re out of town or shopping.  The Ring Doorbells get 4 out of 5 stars from reviewers on Amazon.com, and from what I’ve read their customer service is helpful.

The Nest Learning Thermostat

pretend moneyMississippi Man must be influencing me a bit here, with two tech items on my list.  These are very expensive ($250 per unit) and we would need two of them for our home.  Since this is pretend land though, it’s an easy choice.  Not only does the Nest look super cool, it would prevent me from fiddling with my thermostat several times a day. The Nest is a learning thermostat, so over time it knows what temperature is ideal at certain times. There is even a motion censor so that it can detect when no one is home and will heat or cool your home appropriately, saving you money. The Nest works with Alexa, which is great because we already have one of those.

Weathertech Floor Mats

pretend moneyI LOVE my F-150.  I lusted after these trucks for years, so finally driving one makes this woman super happy. What doesn’t make me happy though is constantly getting grass and dirt out of the carpet. I have a black interior, but dust and grass show up super easy. The Weathertech Floor Liners are cut to fit perfectly, but again…are spendy. I love my truck though , and these mats do more than look nice…they actually protect your interior from getting damaged.

If all bought everything on my list, including 2 pairs or running shoes…well I’d be over budget. I’d love to be able to buy just a few of these things, and I’m maybe I will someday.  We just have to budget our real money and prioritize.  These fancy things will have to wait, and that’s okay.  It’s fun to dream with pretend money.