It's Great To Be Decent!

Please take a deep breath, let it out and dig in.


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Decent Strategies

If you’re struggling with your mental health (or just feeling very stuck, in a rut or blah overall), I want you to know that IT’S OKAY to feel that way. You have every reason to feel that way! If you’re looking to move PAST that feeling however, these tools might offer some relief (even if temporarily). Of course for serious situations please seek some professional help. 


Whatever your taste in music, make sure the lyrics and/or sound are empowering and positive. Remember that what you consume is much greater than what you eat, and that includes what we put into our ears! I love all genres, but I’ve linked my mindset playlist below.


Escape into another realm or look for answers to questions you’ve never asked out loud. Books open all sorts of doors, and you can find the perfect book at Good Reads. I’ve linked my reading list below but you can create your own profile for FREE to figure out what they recommend for you! 

Book List
TV and Movies

Remember that watching a comedy, even if you’ve seen it a million times, will lift your mood. Not sure where to start? Classics like I Love Lucy and The Office are a great start. For those of you who are hardcore, check out this watch list. 

Must Watch

Remember how your parents (or other adults) would tell you to “go play outside”? It was pretty solid advice. Getting fresh air has been shown to improve your sense of well being! Head out for a short walk or to water the grass…your spirit will thank you.

Brain Facts

I’m not a huge fan of exercise (gasp!). Moving my body however, is actually a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re outside playing hopscotch with the kids, dancing in the kitchen or sexin’ it up. Move that body! Check out Nerd Fitness for more ideas!

Nerd Fitness

You didn’t expect me to write about exercise and not food…right? I LOVE making (and eating) good food. Not only is good food delicious, but it leaves you having energy! If your food tastes like or makes you feel like trash, make some changes.

Decent Food

Hestian Design

Here you can check out Hestian Design, where I showcase some of my art. Most items were custom created, but some were just artistic interpretation for myself. Pyrography really helped me find myself after not having personal hobbies for years.

Join the Decent Mom Cult! It takes a minute but lasts for all eternity. 

The Team

I’m not going to lie to you, there is no team. Almost none of these people are real. I’m giving them identities because these people are all rediculously good looking. I hope they make it in Hollywood.


65 Years Old


Head of Human Resources
Twin Brother to Chad


Janitorial Services
Mother of 9 Kids


Twin Brother to Jeff


Crypto Geek
Will Schmooze Your Mom


Massage Therapist
Unhinged Aggressive Vegan


Idea Man
Wears A Fake Beard


Decent Mom
Dreams About Books

Latest Works

I hope these find you just when you need them. 

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