School Lunches That Are Decent Enough

Making school lunches is honestly a pain in the you-know-what. After they get home and homework is done, then it's time to make dinner. Then you clean up from dinner, and have to make lunches. Those lunches have to be healthy, filling and yummy enough for the pickiest of eaters. Bleh. About two months into [...]

Websites You Need To Bookmark Today

I listed the internet as the number one tool that every Mom should use. I didn't mean that you should be chilling out on random websites or Facebook all day...but if you do remember to bookmark The Decent Mom. You need websites written by like-minded, smart and funny women! These ladies know the tricks and tips [...]

Meal Plan Week of 20 February 2017

This week is busy!  We have a field trip to the rodeo, a holiday and an early release from dentist visits for the kids, cub scouts, flight club and Mississippi Man's doctor visit. That makes the meal plan this week a MUST...but I'm not going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.   [...]

13 Feb 2017 Weekly Menu Plan

Hi there Mama!  I thought I'd share this week's menu plan for those of you like me and are a bit behind this week! We have a few weird days this week with Valentine's Day and a big even for Mississippi Man's group...which equates to a date night fo r us!  Remember that menu planning is [...]